The Hawk and Peddle journey began in 2014 between two IT Consultants working on another unfulfilling software delivery project. Over time, the chit chat across lunch tables and office desks about dreams of big ideas and gaps in the markets slowly became “what ifs” and “why nots”. This was the start of Hawk and Peddle and the while the project culture declined, the excitement of working on a new business grew.


Of course, starting a business can be tough, especially when it’s something being built on the side. Juggling day jobs and family life means that quite a bit of dedication is needed to bring to life something that can make a difference and be of service to others. The IT Consultants spent nights and weekends building the website, the business strategy and even bringing in more talented family members to create logos and images. The business development was happening but time was moving on and while they looked for perfection, they didn’t launch the business in any significant way. It was that fear of when to be ready before they launched and it should have happened long before it finally did.

We’ve sadly lost one of our IT Consultants now and we wish him well. Rather than shutting the business, Melissa is flying solo with taking the business forward and growing it into something successful..Hawk and Peddle is still a business on the side with a day job and family life still being juggled but this IT Consultant is excited about what Hawk and Peddle will be. After all, Hawk and Peddle is made from dreams of what else there could be in life. Why not share that dream with someone else?

What Makes Hawk and Peddle Different?

If you make it, source it or sell it and need a platform already in place for you to join, this is it.

We don’t want to work with just anyone and we won’t allow everyone to come onto the site as sellers. Hawk and Peddle is a curated online marketplace where multiple sellers cannot sell the same product type. You will hold the monopoly in your product category and your fellow sellers can only compliment your products and not compete. Why be hidden in an overcrowded marketplace when you can stand out on Hawk and Peddle.

Hawk and Peddle is a community where we encourage vendors to cross-sell via referrals to other vendors in the marketplace. We already know how hard it is to run a business and with Hawk and Peddle, you’re not alone as the community will continue to grow and you will find people ahead, behind or beside you at the level of journey you are taking your business on. Sharing of ideas and experience is much more effective when it comes from people who are walking a similar path to you. The Hawk and Peddle community will be your support while you continue to grow your business.

We’ve removed all of the hard work of setting up an online store and we know that you’re a unique business with exciting products to share with the UK.

We invite you to get in touch to find out how you can become part of the Hawk and Peddle community.