Welcome to Hawk and Peddle


We believe in a world that strongly advocates a co-operative spirit;



We’re focused on helping you build your business through our platform, and working with you as part of a trusted, supportive and successful community.


The idea of ‘pay it forward’  is one that resonates with us. We want to share with you what we have learned throughout our business journey.





Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are David and Melissa.

We began our journey with Hawk and Peddle in 2014 to bring together businesses that want to help each other to succeed online. Our mission since the beginning has been to make community the primary focus of our business.

David Terry - Director
Melissa McGovern

So what Makes us different?

Our online marketplace is not open to everyone, as we don’t want you to end up competing with other sellers of the same products or ranges.


We won’t allow you to be one of the hundreds of sellers in a crowded marketplace where you get lost. That’s not how people will find you and we know that you are unique businesses with exceptional products. You need to stand out and shine.


  • Our online marketplace is not open to everyone, and that means we can focus more on your products and ranges.
  • We are competitively priced in comparison to our competitors.
  • We market heavily to attract traffic to the site and will reinvest to ensure the platform becomes a household name
  • We are a young company and you will become our community market leaders, helping us to shape the site and community for success.
  • We aren’t a faceless conglomerate. Hawk and Peddle are passionate about service and serving our community and growing relationships.


What we are looking for from you?

As a curated online market place, we only want to work with businesses that are exceptional, individual and original.

Businesses that share our ethos “The harder you work, the harder we work to enable us all to grow together.”


Businesses that want to be part of a community and are willing to share their successes and knowledge.







Are we a faceless conglomerate?




No!  We’re a start-up and very approachable with passion, hunger and the want to drive forward with our business.

Yes, we’re young in our business journey but everyone must start somewhere. Just like you, we believe that our hard-earned experiences can be shared and provide a positive impact on your businesses.





Nothing is new, almost everything has been done before, we just need to understand how to either do it differently or better. The human race has not become so successful by doing everything alone and its exactly the same way in business.

Together we grow faster, smarter and leaner.


Join us today. Let’s grow together