We’re Hawk and Peddle.

We believe in a world that strongly advocates a collaborative spirit;

We’re focused on helping you build your business through our platform, and working with you as part of a trusted, supportive and successful community to also help all of us grow.

The idea of ‘pay it forward’ is one that resonates strongly at Hawk and Peddle.

With everything we learn through hard work or a good fortune, we want to ensure that we can pass our knowledge and skills onto others to help them achieve their goals too.

The Power of Small.

We’re a small business but we have very big plans to grow. Most importantly, we can’t do this alone and we want to work with sellers who have the same ethos of hard work and reaping rewards. We have the platform for you and we know that as you grow, will too will grow and evolve alongside you because the success of your business is our primary goal.

We engender the shared community philosophy of business and believe that our partnership will be mutually beneficial for us all. We want to know you and your products so we can also shout to the rooftops about who you are and what you do.

So what Makes us different?

Our online marketplace is not open to everyone, as we don’t want you to end up competing with other sellers of the same products. We won’t allow you to be one of the hundreds of sellers in a crowded marketplace where you get lost. That’s not how people will find you and we know that you are unique businesses with interesting products. You need to stand out and shine.

We have removed all of the hard work of setting up and running your online store.

  • No more stressing about your design
  • No more agonising about which solution or where to host it
  • No more concerns on how to manage payment options
  • No more worries about security
  • Additional help with marketing you business and products
  • We have removed all the hard work of running your ecommerce site

We’re giving you the freedom to focus on building great products, instead of worrying about the tech and marketing because that takes up your valuable time.

As a curated online market place, we are only wanting to work with businesses that are exceptional, individual and original. This means that that you’ll face less competition across our marketplace. We cap our marketplace at 250 active stores at any time and work to prevent our sellers competing against each other with the exact same product.

There are plenty of sites out there that you can automatically sign-up to and become just another number. Our ethos is: “The harder you work, the harder we also work to enable us all to grow together.”

We want to share in your growth, your challenges and your successes.

Are we a faceless conglomerate?


We’re a small business and very approachable with passion, hunger and we want to drive forward with our business.

We can’t thank you enough for supporting our small business

Yes, we’re young in our business journey but everyone has to start somewhere. Just like you, we believe that our hard earned experiences can be shared and provide a positive impact on your businesses.  Nothing is new, almost everything has been done before, we just need to understand how to either do it differently or better. The human race has not become so successful by doing everything alone and its exactly the same way in business.

Together we grow faster, smarter and together.

Join us today. Let’s grow together.